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Office Furniture: 4 Secrets To Creating An Efficient Workplace That Can Easily Adapt To Change

With the help of friends, this month I reveal four secrets to using office furniture to create an efficient workplace that can easily adapt to change.

1.) Prefabricated Modular Construction

Used by Covestro, EQT, FedEx Ground, Gateway Health, PNC, UPMC and others, this approach to interior construction provides multiple benefits. It is price competitive with some 70% of the cost in the materials and 30% of the cost in the labor while the opposite is true of conventional interior construction. Additionally, because the components can be disassembled, moved and reconfigured quickly, it easily adapts to evolving needs. Moreover, modular construction can reduce build times by as much as fifty percent, and incorporating sliding doors will save 9 square feet each compared to swinging doors.


2.)  Benching

Used by Arconic, Confluence, Covestro, Kraft Heinz, ServiceLink and others, benching provides the flexibility to reconfigure work benches countless ways.  Note also the use of vertical space to create more usable work area and pedestals which slide under the bench and can be used as guest chairs.


3.)  The Mobile Office

For the ultimate in flexibility, there is the self –contained turnkey workstation delivered completely assembled then wheeled into place, opened and powered.  It is functional in minutes.


4.)  Lounge Furniture

Whether creating a single office or conference booth, cool fabric panels are an option that can easily facilitate an ever evolving work environment. Once assembled, simply light and power.


Special thanks to our contributors, including Jim Droney and Debra Krumenacker of Mt. Lebanon Office Furniture & Interiors, Mary Hunter of Haworth, and Amie Piz of Workscape!


All information herein is from sources deemed reliable, but no warranty, expressed or implied, is made.