Position Your Company For Today’s Soft Real Estate Market

"It's deja vu all over again"! After a year of positive economic news, the first quarter of 2012 remains a mixed bag of economic news. Read More

Bells & Whistles – You Betcha!

Talk To Any Child And You Find They Have a Perfect Dream for the Basement Train Set or the Equipment Needed to Have Their WII System Rock Out. Read More

Woman Owned and Strong

Being a woman owned company in CRE is rare, but it has its perks, according to Customized Real Estate Services CEO Connie Rankin. Read More

Do Small Tenants Matter to Landlords?

In a word, yes. Why? Because Small Tenants are the lifeblood of Manhattan’s commercial real estate market. Read More

Do You Have an Edifice Complex?

New business people, infused with optimism, take delight in buying or leasing a business. They spend big dollars for awnings, neon signs and landscaping, not to mention signing a multiple-year lease. Some people invest their entire pension in a new en... Read More

What is an SNDA And Do I Need One?

A Sudordination and Non-Disturbance Agreement -SNDA- commonly called a "non-disturb", is an agreement that your landlord asks its lender to provide. The agreement basically says that if the building goes bankrupt and the lender takes control of the bu... Read More

How to Minimize Your Security Deposit

We’re asked all the time: what is a “normal security deposit”? Unfortunately, the truth is… it depends. Let’s start with the basics: the security deposit is a reflection of and hedge against the landlord’s perceived financial risk. Read More

Pass on the Pass Throughs

This tax season you want to evaluate the pass throughs or increases over a base year that your landlord charges you. More than likely you received a bill which shows the actual cost billed less any payments for these costs. Read More

Real Estate Taxes and What They Mean to You as a Tenant

Did you know that the single largest expense to a landlord in running a commercial office building in Manhattan (outside of debt service) is real estate taxes? And did you know that 48.10% of New York City's total tax revenue or 26.7% of its total 65.... Read More

ITRA Global Expansion Continues with New Major Market – Issue 30

In the past quarter, a new member with an office in another major market – Northern New Jersey, USA – was selected as an affiliate of ITRA Global, an organization comprised of leading real estate professionals devoted to representing corporate tenants and occupiers of commercial real estate worldwide. Read More