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The Top 10 Signs A Change In Office Space Is Needed

You may want to consider a change in office space if…

1. Top Talent

In interviewing top talent, one of the first questions they ask is “When do you plan to make a change to your office space?”

2. Productivity

Productivity is down because employees don’t have ample space to do their job.

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3. Image

The building image doesn’t align with your company’s strategy for success.

4. Location

The location no longer fits the needs of your employees, clients, or visitors.

5. Flexibility

Your growth is being constrained, either because your building is full or your lease does not prioritize your option to expand above others.

6. Building Problems

Building deficiencies or problems with the ownership, property management, or air quality are adversely affecting your business.

7. Efficiency

Your space isn’t efficient due to the floor size, configuration, column spacing, depth from the core to exterior, etc.

8. Amenities

In the race for landlords to provide ever increasing amenities that benefit tenants, your landlord isn’t even in the game.

9. Competition

After visiting a competitor’s office, employees and visitors can’t stop talking about it.

10. Cost

The cost exceeds that which can be achieved in the market when landlords compete for your occupancy.

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