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4 Things You Need To Know About Moving Or Refurbishing Your Office Space

After following a proven, step by step lease analysis process, your conflict-free tenant representative will have identified your most attractive corporate real estate solution and secured business terms along with protections, in your best interest. Moreover, your architect and project manager will have designed and constructed a space that reflects your vision for the future and helps your company compete for top talent and business. Now it’s time to move. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Typical Relocation Cost

On average in the United States, moving typically costs $2.00 to $2.50 per rentable square foot or $250 per person, including office furniture and workstations, their contents and desk top computers. A union building will add some 40% percent and moving over a weekend will add 20% to the move budget.
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2. Refurbishing Existing Space

When refurbishing existing space, including carpet and paint, budget the same amount as a relocation. If carpet squares are used and painting is not necessary, you will save approximately $350 per workstation.

3. Relocating Within The Same Building

There is typically little difference in cost between relocating within a building or moving nearby.

4. Moving Tips

Schedule a mover at least two to three months in advance of your move to assure your mover of choice is available on your desired move date, and there is ample time to develop a well conceived plan.
Make sure the pricing includes: a system for tagging items; relocation of electronic equipment; protection for the building against damage; all cartons and move labels; a detailed list of manpower, equipment and supervision to be provided; references for projects of comparable size and scope; dismantling and reassembling of workstations; detail on how various items will be handled including desks, file cabinets, conference tables, computers, artwork and personal items.
Special thanks to Wayne Hart, Office Moving Sales Manager of South Hills Nationwide Movers, for his contributions to this article.

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