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Fall 2014 Newsletter | How Pittsburgh Stacks Up, and Much More: Insider’s View To Corporate Real Estate

In this newsletter, you will find out the #1 rule in Corporate Real Estate,  How To Make Sure Your Work Letter Protects You, Office Market Statistics That Reveal How Pittsburgh Stacks Up, How to Add $$$ to Your Bottom Line with State and Local Incentives, and More. We hope you enjoy our newsletter and welcome your feedback.


Featured Stories this Issue

Corporate Real Estate Rule #1: Know Thy Business!

In today’s world, corporate real estate means different things to different companies, but one thing that is consistent for all firms is strategic alignment: the viewpoint of a company’s Corporate Real Estate Executives (CREs) should reflect the strategic goals of the company..  (see more)

How to Make Sure Your Work Letter Protects You

Perhaps the most overlooked facet of leasing new corporate office space is the complicated world of work letters, which are attachments or exhibits to a lease identifying the landlord’s responsibilities to fund all or a portion of the improvements to the tenant’s premises. (see more)

Major Market Statistics

ITRA Global 2014 Second Quarter Office Markets Survey featuring North America, London (UK), and Paris (France)  (see inside)


News from Pittsburgh, PA (ANNOUNCEMENTS)

Carrie S. Holstead Real Estate Consultants, Inc/ ITRA Global has recently been enlisted to provide tenant representation services for Forever, Louis Plung & Company, Somerset Coal Company, and Wells Fargo. Forever was founded in Pittsburgh by Glen Meakem and is the first of its kind, one-stop shop for uploading, editing, and organizing photos, and making sure they’re preserved for generations to come. It has its headquarters in downtown Pittsburgh. Louis Plung & Company was established in 1921 and is a respected certified public accounting firm which is among the largest in the region and offers a scope of services comparable with national accounting firms. It also has its headquarters in downtown Pittsburgh. Somerset Coal Company was established by a co-founder of Cisco Systems to convert coal to fuel using a patented method that reduces the amount of wasted coal and make-up water. It will soon be establishing a headquarters in suburban Pittsburgh. Wells Fargo is a California based financial services company with $1.4 trillion in assets. Following the successful completion of several projects in Pittsburgh, Carrie is overseeing the most recent in a series of corporate real estate projects for Wells Fargo in London, England.


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