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COVID-19: The Five Key Questions To Ask Your Landlord Now

As we continue our series focused on ways to help you during the pandemic driven shut down of offices, this issue provides the five key questions to ask in order to understand how your landlord will assist in protecting the health and safety of your employees and help overcome their concerns about returning to the workplace.


What Health Procedures Will Be Implemented?

For example, will the landlord be screening people coming into the building for COVID-19 and if so, how will this be performed and with what frequency?  Also, will people be required to wear face masks?





Where Will Social Distancing Be Required?

For example, will changes be made to assure social distancing at security access points where lines can form? Will there be limits to the number of people on an elevator? How will social distancing be implemented in common building areas and amenities, such as lobbies, shared conference rooms, gyms and eating establishments?


How Will Cleaning Protocols Change?

For example, what are the new specifications for cleaning, including the frequency, expanded services, if day cleaning will be implemented, and any accommodations for extra cleaning when teams that share space are rotated between working in the office and remotely?


What Building Systems Will Be Improved?

For example, will modifications be made to the mechanical systems to maximize fresh air and increase ventilation?


What New Technologies Will Be Used?

For example, will technologies to clean the air be implemented or touchless entries to tenant spaces and restrooms along with touchless controls within restrooms?


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