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Corporate Real Estate: 3 Ways To Turn Uncertainty Into Opportunity Now

2020 is now in the rearview mirror and brighter days are ahead!  But what do we do when so much uncertainty remains about how quickly vaccines to protect against the current pandemic will be widely distributed, when employees will feel safe returning to their office, and how companies can plan for the future?  Here are 3 ways we are advising clients to turn uncertainly into opportunity now.





1. Provide Next Level Health & Safety Protections

Our team has been determining if there are additional safeguards clients can provide in their office space to protect employee health and safety, in addition to any provided by the landlord. Today, we are implementing next level protections for multiple clients that will increase the health and safety of employees and add an edge in recruiting new talent.


2. Position For Future Success

Many business leaders are pausing long term corporate real estate decisions while confirmed cases of COVID-19 remain at a high level.  As a result, we are positioning clients for future success by creating flexibility with short term lease extensions, as applicable, and identifying strategies for reducing costs.

3. Capitalize On Extraordinary Opportunity

This time of heightened uncertainty also provides an extraordinary opportunity for office tenants to benefit from leasing incentives at many buildings that haven’t been available in years! As uncertainty diminishes and pent up office demand is unleashed, vacancy rates and leasing incentives will ultimately decline. Therefore, we are implementing scenario planning for clients to help identify the optimal balance of work from home versus the office in order to best position them to capitalize on this extraordinary office leasing opportunity.


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