Case Study: HQ Upgrade Results In Employees Working In Office More Than Required

Pittsburgh, PA

Atlantic Engineering Services had been in the same space for 25 years, with our lease in Center City Tower ending in early 2023. We had little concept of how complex and time-consuming the efforts to find a new home would be. Carrie did a great job of streamlining the process for us, taking our search committee on a step by step approach to evaluating different options and determining that 11 Stanwix would be the best location. Our landlord worked hard and contributed significantly to help with our relocation costs, thanks to Carrie, and we are very happy with the new office location.

J. Gilbert Kaufman, Principal & CEO Atlantic Engineering Services

Atlantic Engineering Services

Objective Tenant Representation Services


Atlantic Engineering Services is a respected structural engineering firm based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and founded in 1986 with 650 years of firm wide experience and more than 30,000 projects totaling construction costs of some $17 billion. Nearly 16 months prior to the expiration of their headquarters office lease in downtown Pittsburgh, they turned to Carrie to provide a workplace solution suited for the future which also resolved the recent problems at the building they had occupied for 24 years.


Assessed needs. Prepared market survey of availabilities that suited needs. Toured selected buildings. Prepared and sent request for proposal to buildings of further interest. Prepared financial analysis and comparison of proposals. Had test fit plans prepared and priced at short listed buildings. Leveraged the market and 37 years of corporate real estate experience to overcome challenges during the analysis process and negotiate attractive business terms and protections on behalf of Atlantic Engineering Services.


  • Relocated to a Class A, amenity rich downtown building
  • Highly responsive property management
  • Cool, customized and efficient workplace design
  • Employees working in office more days than required
  • Attractive business terms locked in for long term office lease
  • Large tenant improvement allowance
  • Base building upgrades
  • Generous free rent package
  • Right to lease parking spaces in building
  • Flexibility to grow
  • Options to renew

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